A quality mark for Sámi tourist industry

The Sámi flag has waved in Norway, Finland, Russia and Sweden since 1986.
Photo: Jonasson Collberg

What is Sápmi Experience?

Quality, sustainability, security and credibility are watchwords for Sápmi Experience. Companies that are labeled Sápmi Experience have a holistic view of the living environment that Sápmi represents. They can tell about it and they are professional in hosting the visitor in this living environment. When you encounter companies that are labeled Sápmi Experience, then you know that it’s genuine Sámi experiences with Sámi hosts that are offered.

Sámi tourist industry within the frame of this criterion should have its basis in the mutual Sámi living environment heritage.

Sámi tourist industry shall be performed in a long-term sustainable manner. This means a cultural and social foundation in the Sámi society and the Sámi host is a mediator of Sámi values and way of life. Tourist enterprises labeled Sápmi Experience strives for social, cultural, ecological and business sustainability. Among other things this means a tourist enterprise that respects the integrity of the Sámi culture and opposes it being used for tourist objectification.

From the motivation

”The decision making unit of Sápmi Experince hereby approves Fjällhästen AB as a Sápmi Experience company. We find that the application, the report from the company’s reviewer and the reference’s discernments about the company speak for that Fjällhästen’s activities are performed in such a manner that it can be considered a model for Sápmi tourist industry. ivermectin capillaria

”Fjällhästen has for many years delivered first class horseback riding experiences in a Sámi fashion. The knowledge about and the respect for Sámi living environment is extensive. do you have to have a prescription to buy ivermectin What’s amazing is that the guests participate in a journey both above the mountain and in the Sámi knowledge. Fjällhästen also operates resolutely for that sustainability and local foundation will gain terrain in the Ammarnäs surroundings. ivermectina gotas para que se usa Fjällhästen is as the first company being approved as Sámi Experience-labeled.”

April 14th 2011

Dan Jonasson, projectmanager VisitSápmi

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