Information for participants

The Icelandic horse is the perfect companion on the mountain.
Photo: Fjällhästen/guest

Nature experience

All Fjällhästen’s riding tours chiefly provide strong nature experiences with good premises to sight both reindeer and elk. For you who are interested in birds the Rough-legged Buzzard, the Long-tailed Skua, the Golden Eagle and the White-tailed Eagle could be mentioned. The riding distance and the pace vary depending on what nature permits. On the riding tours a maximum of six people usually participate.

Riding experience and fitness

To participate in Fjällhästen’s sleepover tours we want you to have basic horseback riding experience. This means that you should be able to handle the horse in walking pace, trotting and galloping. You need to be fit and in good physical shape, have perseverance and some outdoor experience, especially for the longer tours. what happens if you get ivermectin on your skin If you suffer from asthma or allergies of any kind you must consider that there are both hay and smoke in your proximity. Dogs may also be on the tour. A certain body flexibility is also necessary since you need to lift your leg without help about 30 centimetres above the pack roll bag which is at the back of the saddle. You should be able to walk unimpededly in trackless terrain if necessary. You can’t weigh more than 90 kilograms since the Icelandic horse is a small breed and you should be between 15-55 years of age. The lower and the upper age limits apply unless you have good riding experience and earlier experience of horseback riding in mountain terrain. On the tours we help out with for example collecting wood, fetching water and helping the guide by lifting and putting back the horse pen’s fence line.

On some day tours it’s suitable if you have some riding experience and a flexible body.

Different participants

All types of riders and groups come to Fjällhästen: individual, couples, bunches of friends and conferences. The tour participants can be both very experienced riders and those who think that the horse is an exciting companion on the mountain tour but don’t ride regularly. You who participate tag along in the different paces that the guide finds suitable for the ground surface and weather conditions. human form of ivermectin


The horseback riding tour is paid in cash or by credit card on site at Ammarnäs or you deposit the money in advance via bank giro Bg 130-5994. The participants who pay via our bank giro and the Internet shall deposit the money at least five banking days before the departure of the riding tour. It usually takes a few days before we see the money in our account. too much ivermectin for pigs

A group of riders up on the bare mountain.
Photo: Malin Johansson