Tjaskal by horse

A beautiful brown trout has caught a dry fly.Photo: Ulf Johansson


Join Fjällhästen for a combined riding- and fishing tour in the Nature Reserve of the Vindel Mountains. For two days we fish in mountain meres for Arctic char and brown trout. The steady Icelandic horses are used to walking in trackless terrain and will undoubtedly bring a new dimension to your fishing.

Tours in 2018

17th-19th of June

A late summer evening at Fjällhästen’s camp at Tjaskal.Photo: Calle Bredberg


Day 1

Arrival at Ammarnäs in the afternoon and gathering at Fjällhästen’s hostel for presentation of guides and programme. Survey of equipment and packing of the personal equipment in pack roll bags, which you naturally borrow from Fjällhästen during the tour. Dinner is not included this evening but restaurants in Ammarnäs are open. Sleepover at Fjällhästen’s hostel.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hostel and then departure for the Icelandic horses. The horses are prepared and the trip to Fjällhästen’s camp at Tjaskal starts. We reach our destination after about eight kilometres of riding. When we have installed ourselves in the camp we have lunch before the fishing starts. You can use both fly rod and spinning rod. You who have limited knowledge of fishing will get help from the fishing guide. You who are a more experienced fisherman will get tips from the fishing guide on good flies and tactics for the prevailing conditions. At Tjaskal’s system of meres both Arctic char and brown trout will bite. The fishing continues during the afternoon with a break for dinner.

Day 3

After a good night’s sleep we have a sturdy breakfast and then continue the fishing during the morning. Those who want to go for a riding tour instead of fishing follow the riding guide on a shorter mountain tour up on the mountain Gieråive above Tjaskal. Gakku, the traditional Sámi bread, tastes good together with gurpi, reindeer sausage, and a cup of coffee before equipment and horses are made ready for the ride back to Ammarnäs. At about four o’clock we’ll be down in Ammarnäs again where both shower and sauna await us at Fjällhästens’ hostel.

Guests, who want to stay in Ammarnäs after the riding- and fishing tour, can book accommodation with us at Fjällhästen. A good dinner is arranged by some of the local restaurants.


x xxx SEK per person and then Icelandic horse, horse guide, fishing license, fishing guide, food and accommodation are included.

Information for participants

As for the riding it’s appropriate if you aren’t a total beginner but have tried it sometimes. You should be 12 years of age and fit to get through the tour. The horses don’t carry riders above 90 kilograms so that’s also the maximum weight to be able to participate in our riding tours. When it comes to fishing you can be both a beginner and a more experienced fisherman. The fishing guide will help you to a good and exciting fishing.

At least four people must have made reservations for the tour to depart and six is the maximum number of people in a group.

Some evening fishing before it’s time to go to bed.Photo: Calle Bredberg