Mountain winter days

In the winter the Vindel Mountains appear in a totally different garb.Photo: Ulf Johansson


During the winter mountain days you’ll experience several different aspects of Ammarnäs. We ride out with Fjällhästen across frozen waterways and perhaps up to the mountain hut Örnbo during Sunday, if you want to and the weather permits it. The Ammarnäs Fishing Centre will take us up to Näsbergstjärn to try the luck at ice fishing for Arctic char. There are opportunities to ski the well prepared tracks during the days in Ammarnäs. Both downhill and cross country skiing are easily accessible. Naturum offers good information about Europe’s largest Nature Reserve and Margareta Grahn’s sámi handicraft is known throughout the world.

New for the winter is an extra low price for STF members. This arrangement is a cooperation between Fjällhästen and the Ammarnäs Inn and Fishing Centre.

Winter tours 2018

This winter we have no departures of this tour.



Arrival at Ammarnäs and the Ammarnäs Inn during the afternoon. It’s here at the Inn that we’ll stay and eat during our days in Ammarnäs. Presentation of guides and programme and tips on different attractions such as Sámi handicraft and Naturum in the neighbourhood. After the presentation we have a good dinner at the Inn before we turn in for the night.


After breakfast it’s time for ice fishing for Arctic char with the Ammarnäs Fishing Centre as host. We go by snowmobile up to the lake Näsbergstjärn, beautifully situated at 688 metres above sea level in the birch forest region about four kilometres north of Ammarnäs. The fishing guide, well familiar with the lake, begins by drilling holes in the ice. If the lighting conditions are good it’s exciting to peek fish. You see the fish move about the hook and you have to hook it at exactly the right moment. The guide teaches his best tricks and sees to that the coffee pot on the open fire is kept warm. Lunch outdoors during the day and dinner at the Inn with the award-winning kitchen.


Breakfast at the Inn. Between 9 o’clock and noon we ride out with Fjällhästen and their Icelandic horses on a tour along the creek Tjulån. We ride on prepared tracks and routes along Tjulån and further out across the Vindel River. During the day we’ve tried the gait rack and perhaps galloping for those who feel up to it. This horseback riding tour is mainly a landscape attraction and suitable for most visitors. Participating children should be twelve years of age and have horseback riding experience. Lunch and dinner are served at the Inn.


After breakfast you can take the opportunity to visit Ammarnäs Naturum. Here you’ll receive information about the Nature Reserve of the Vindel Mountains with its fauna and different types of nature. A visit to the well-known Sámi handicraft worker, Margareta Grahn, is a must. Margareta presents genuine Sámi world class handicraft in tin, root and cloth. Her works are at display round the world in museums and at exhibitions. Take the opportunity to buy world class Sámi handicraft when you’re in Ammarnäs. Our fine slalom slope is of course there for those who want to spend the day skiing. Ski pass is although not included in the package.

Those who want to can book an extra horseback riding tour this day if the weather so permits. We ride up to the mountain location Örnbo which is on the steep slope above the lake Gautsträsk where we let the horses rest while we grab something to eat. After the break we slowly head back to Ammarnäs and the whole tour lasts between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Please note that this additional tour is completely dependent on the weather and can be cancelled even if you have booked it in advance.

Ski pass prices (Swedish) → The Ammarnäs Inn & Fishing Centre →


x xxx per person, STF-members pay x xxx SEK for this tour. The price includes food and accommodation including bed linen, a three hour’s tour with Icelandic horse and guide and a full day’s tour of ice fishing with snowmobile ride and guide. For those who choose the extra horseback riding tour during Sunday there’s an addition of 1050 SEK.

Participant information

At least four people must be booked for the tours to depart.

An Arctic char caught by ice fishing is a real delicacy.Photo: Ulf Johansson