Day excursions

You don’t get to Steukajukke on a day’s tour but it’s just as beautiful in our surroundings.Photo: Malin Johansson

A Nature’s Best-certified event

Experience Ammarnäs and its mountain surroundings from the Icelandic horseback. Two different day excursions, a four- and a three hours tour respectively are offered. The riding is mainly a landscape event where you as a participant should have some riding experience.

Tours in 2018

Upon agreement and if there are vacancies during the period 2 of June-21 of October.

Rest with an outstanding view up on the mountain.Photo: Sture Markström

Full day tour Tjaskal

A tour with beautiful views where we follow the mountain Näsberget up to Småfjället and the fair views of the Skeble valley. We continue to Fjällhästen’s spacious cot at Tjaskal where we take a break and eat the lunch packages we brought with us. On our way home we pass across the mountain Mittiberget and once again get to enjoy the mountain views.


1 300 SEK per person (lunch package included).

Peace and quiet in good company by our cot at Framak. Photo: Staffan Widstrand

Peace and quiet in good company by our cot at Framak.Photo: Staffan Widstrand

Full day tour Örnbo

We ride through northern Ammarnäs and follow the lake Gautsträsk to the brook Bissanbäcken’s outlet. Then we take the path up to the old mountain location Örnbo, which is situated on a bluff ledge above Gautsträsk. With a view of the landscape we have our lunch before heading back home again. We try the gait rack and galloping for those who feel up to it.


1 300 SEK per person (lunch package included).

Taking care of the horses is of course a vital part of every riding tour.Photo: Fjällhästen/guest

Four hours tour Småfjällen

A tour with beautiful views north of Ammarnäs. We follow the mountain Näsberget up to Småfjällen where we have a magnificent view of the Skeble valley.


750 SEK per person (picnic coffee package included).

Spots of snow remain throughout the summer in many places as here by Mittiberg.Photo: Fjällhästen/guest

Three hours tour the Ammarnäs turn

We cross the creek Tjulån and follow the creek’s southern border down to Ammarnäs and stroll through the village to see the Potato Hill and the Lapp town. We also try the gait rack during the tour.


600 SEK per person.

The Nature Reserve of the Vindel Mountains is without question one of the most beautiful areas in the country.Photo: Marcus Dezayo Hallquist