Autumn tours

Anna-Marja Kaddik is one of the reindeer keepers we sometimes meet on the mountain and here she's seen in the clear autumn air on the mountain moore by Småfjällen. Photo: Staffan Widstrand

Anna-Marja Kaddik is one of the reindeer keepers we sometimes meet on the mountain and here she’s seen in the clear autumn air on the mountain moore by Småfjällen.Photo: Staffan Widstrand

A Nature’s Best-certified event

Meet the autumn mountain with its colour splendour and snow covered peaks from the back of the Icelandic horse. During the end of September and the beginning of October we ride day tours in the Ammarnäs Mountains. Accommodation at Fjällhästen’s hostel. You have dinner of your own or eat at some of the restaurants in Ammarnäs.​

The riding tours are mainly a landscape experience where you as a participant should have some riding experience to be able to keep up. The distances per day vary between 15 to 20 kilometres. The pace is adjusted to the ground surface. We live and have breakfast at Fjällhästen’s hostel. We accept groups at a maximum of six-seven people.

Tours in 2020

11-13,  18-20,  25-27 of September, 2-4 of October and 9-11 of October. Guests who want to ride more can book a three hours tour when we ride along the creek Tjulån on Friday before gathering at the hostel.

Many people think that the mountain world is as most beautiful during the autumn.Photo: Mikael Båth



Arrival and check-in at Fjällhästen’s hostel. We gather at the hostel at five o’clock for information and briefing on the tour’s programme and to answer any questions.


Breakfast at the hostel. At nine we then meet our Icelandic horses for the first riding tour. Today’s destination is Fjällhästen’s cot at Tjaskal. This is a tour with lovely views where we ride north from Ammarnäs. We follow the mountain Näsberget up to Småfjällen and Mittiberget where we have a tremendous view of the Skeble valley. We take a break by our cot and eat the lunch package. At four we’re back in Ammarnäs where we shower and use the sauna at the hostel.


We have breakfast at the hostel. Today’s riding tour is to the old mountain locality Örnbo (“the Eagle’s nest”). We ride through northern Ammarnäs and follow the lake Gautsträsk. By the brook Bissanbäcken and the recently rebuilt mill we stop for a break and then continue through the forest to Örnbo. Örnbo is a well preserved mountain location from 1860 and is situated on the steep slope above Gautsträsk with a view of the vast landscape. During today’s ride we try the gait rack and maybe galloping. We’re back again at about three o’clock and after the riding you check out from the hostel.


3 600 SEK per person. If you book the extra three hours ride along Tjulån it costs an additional 600 SEK.

The price includes horse, guide, breakfast and accommodation at the hostel.

The view from Matsokudden a day in mid-September.Photo: Mikael Båth